Hello world!

My name is Richard Sweetland and I am the V-FC.Net/Blog Administrator. The purpose of this site is to give people the opportunity to discuss their concerns about Village at Falls Church in an open form. Please limit your comments to the subject of the Villages at Falls Church, and please keep all comments civil.

You do NOT have to be a registered user to use this blog site.

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7 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Sweetland Says:

    Several people have asked me what a Blog is and how they can use it.

    A Blog is an open forum that lets people who visit a web site leave a message to other people who visit the web site. When you leave a message in the Blog site everyone who visits the Blog site can read your message; and make a comment about your message, or leave their own message. At this time there is only one Blog site at this web site.

    You can use this Blog site to tell other people your opinions about: parking in the Villages at Falls Church, security in the Villages at Falls Church, the actions of the Board of Directors, special events at the Village at Falls Church, problems with this web site, etc…

  2. Resident Says:

    This is a quick note to say that; I think that it is nice that we now have a Web site for the Village at Falls Church.

  3. tombracken Says:

    Many thanks to Richard for taking the initiative to set up this community site. High hopes for positive results.
    Tom Bracken
    VFC Board President

    • be Says:

      10-4 [of course, dating myself] to the foregoing comments. Oh, and can I get some discussion of the cost of snow removal in the vicinity of $100K? Need it be handled the way it was? I can imagine the non-auto-owning landlords and occupant owners of the community might have a different view. ~ be

  4. be Says:

    Hello: Just checking in and setting for updates. ~ be

  5. Neighbor@VFC Says:

    Does anyone else have concerns with the condition of the garbage bin areas? There are many times that bulk trash items, including furniture, televisions and mattresses, are left outside of the fenced in area. I’ve watched residents dragging this stuff there during the day and have woken up to outside dumpers in the middle of the night. I am embarrassed of how these areas look when I have visitors. (And don’t get me started about residents leaving food out for birds and animals.)

  6. Neighbor@VFC Says:

    The new garbage areas are so much better and keep things looking better.

    Another grievance…can we specify that sneakers are NOT to be place in the building unit dryers?? or even better, restrict the use of the washer/dryers after 8pm? I’ve been listening to pounding downstairs for the past 30 minutes and it does not let someone sleep. Other apartment/condo buildings have policies to minimize the disturbance of washer/dryer use to those that live in those buildings. Something needs to be done.

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